Assalaamo Alaykum Wa-Rahmatulla,

Welcome to Duas for Me. This Site is not about Making Dua for Just me. This Site is about Making Dua for Others. You can Request your Duas here or Make Dua for Others. You can make Dua for Muslims & Non-Muslims alike.

Mohammed Mustufa صلى الله عليه وسلم Said : “Whenever you make a supplication (Dua) for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’ “The supplication (Dua) that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi.

So please make Dua for All Brothers and Sisters who Post their Duas here. If you want your Dua to be anonymous (Your Name Hidden) then please message me your Dua. Inshah Allah i will make sure that i remove your name and Post the Dua on your behalf. Inshah Allah your Secret will be safe with me.


Jazak Allah Khaira..

Please Do not forget to make Dua for Me and My Family and My Friends and all those people who asked me to make Dua for them or People who are shy and don’t tell anyone to make Dua for them.

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  1. Afsari Begum said:

    Assalaamo Alaykum,

    we are facing problems due to the people who live back side of our house.Its huge building and many people live on rent.The owner of the building is trying to make us leave our house n run away.He tries many tricks to harsh us.At present daily he takes all the man of his building n play cricket from 5a.m. onwards and thrash the ball on our walls n as well as on our albeastar sheet.He is trying to give us mental torture so that we leave our house n fled.Since many years he doing like this,He use is rented people to torture us in various ways.
    We are only one muslim people here.
    Please sir make dua to stop those people from playing cricket as well as stop throwing balls continusly on our wall n roof.
    With a hope that u will make dua to Allah for us.

    kudha affees.

    • Dear Sister,
      Walaykum Assalaam,
      Please make sure you read AL-MOMINO (المؤمن) The Granter of security
      If a person is suffering from any kind of terror he should read this name 100 times his terror will be vanished.
      And please make sure you read Hasbun Allaho Wa naiman Wakeel…Read this 100 times a day as well and blow in the direction of trouble makers. Inshah Allah within days your trouble will be over. Aamin

  2. Muhammad Nur Ikhwan said:

    Salam brothers n sisters,

    Im going through a period of difficulty. Alhamdullilah Im married with a 5 month old son but ive been unemployed for almost a year now and my savings are running low. Please make dua that Allah grant me ease and relief and that He correct n straighten all my affairs for me. Jazakumullahu khair

  3. Mohd. Rihaan said:

    Salaam walay kum, Brother.

    Please pray for my my parents who are in their early 70s, for their good health and longievity and to embrace Islam.

    I am 45yrs and live in Australia. Been, married for last 13yrs and couldn’t become a father due to my wife health reasons.Now her periods has stopped due to menopause.

    I have a great desire to be a father to experience the joys of fatherhood.

    Recently I embraced Islam. My wife is a Hindu. My Mufti told me that I can remarry.

    Can you please pray for me to get a good educated and devout Muslim lady, living in Australia.
    May Allah be merciful and benevolent on your family.

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